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First time post here, new member, GREAT site!
Wonder if (and I did do a search and found individual comments about each product but not any
really 'comparing', but ...) any one has tried "both" the Zev Tech V4 Race connector 'and' the
Ghost Rocket 3.5 kit (with the added tang to the connector to limit travel and enhance reset)?

I have shot Glocks since '90 and my caliber of choice is .40 - I do my own armoring and all my Glocks
have improved feel and response (two G22s have the Ghost Rocket - 3.5 - have left the trigger assembly
springs stock - did add a 15# recoil and tungsten rod...) but I'm wondering if the Zev Tech V4 Race connector
will also limit the travel and be as concise as the Rocket?

Of course, the remarkable customer service at Ghost is a plus so not sure about Zev there...


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........I'm wondering if the Zev Tech V4 Race connector
will also limit the travel and be as concise as the Rocket? ..

Welcome to, it is good to have you join us.

The quick answer to your question is that the Ghost Rocket 3.5 has an over-travel stop, and the Zev Tech V4 does not:

3.5 lb. ROCKET
Glock Warehouse - Product Detail - Zev Tech V4 Race Connector - $15.00

So comparing the two products is not an equal comparison, since there is a difference in functionality.

I have used both, and prefer the Zev Tech only because it does not need any fitting.

The differences between all of the 3.5 pound connectors I have tried are so slight that I cannot feel a difference when they are installed in the gun. They may look different (polishing, holes drilled, claims of stiffness, et cetera), but I can't tell the difference when they are installed and I am pulling the trigger. Others may have different experience.

I will offer that if you want to make a difference in trigger pull, other than just installing a connector, there are two things that I do that make a difference:

1. install a heavy trigger spring. Wolff makes good ones: Springs for GLOCK Semi-Auto Pistols, and others are available. This takes about a pound out of the trigger pull.

2. install a light firing pin safety spring. While only for use in competition, this does make an immediate difference in the smoothness of the trigger pull, at least to me. Again, Wolff is a good supplier:Springs for GLOCK Semi-Auto Pistols. Tread carefully here, as this lighter spring could make the firing pin safety (sometimes called the striker safety block) less effective. Hence the caution from Wolff that this is a part for use in competition only.

Good shooting. Be safe.


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You are absolutely correct regarding the intrinsic designs (limitations and enhancements) of the two products. I thought I had read that the Zev Tech "also" shortened the trigger pull
but certainly could have been mistaken.
Also agree with the 3.5# connectors, little difference except perhaps in overall appearance. The Ghost was a good change and the alterations were simple. I do polish (but not grind) my
'metal on metal' in the trigger chain.
I had bought a heavier trigger spring from Glockmeister but (after several guide rods from them have broken, not related to the t spring) I am shying away BYMMV and I have not much else to say.

I'm tempted to go with a different striker but I like the stock Glocks so well and have had so little trouble with them that my alterations are considered for a rather long period
and often Glock comes out with a 'new' Gen before I decide ;^)

Thanks again... I'm about to buy a Tungsten Guide rod and 15# spring (a combo that does work for me) from Glockworx!

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