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WTS Glock 30SF (sc)

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This was my carry gun in 2008 I bought new and changed the sights to XS Big Dot tritium front and rear, glow brightly. I filed down the corner of the mag release to keep from scratching my side, this is the only modification . Put 100rds thru it, Sold to a customer who put a box thru it and put it in his glove box. traded it back in today on a G21SF.
Comes with one 10rd mag
$520 shipped and Insured USPS MO or Gunpal +3%
Will not ship to CA any longer

Glock 35 OD or Black
LaRue flip to side mount Aimpoint magnifier
G22 RTF frame only
G32 + extras
G31 + extras
Sig 226 DAK
S&W 442 no lock

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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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