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Then : (30 dollars a sleeve)

Publication Font Packaging and labeling Tire Carton

Now :

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And they're hard to find even at that price.

From back when Dillon Precision was the go to place, now they do not even list primers on their website :

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Found these but 197.00 or 216.00 minimum buy.


Absolutely crazy prices, considering I was paying $36.00 per 1K pre-pandemic
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Brownell's has small, large and magnum Federal pistol primers for $100/ 1000.

CCI has small pistol primers at $30/1000 but you must order at least $200 for minimum order.

Got a linkie for the CCI ?

Depending on the outcome, reloading components may not be around, after the next election.
Small Pistol Primer Small Pistol - cci primer

Just looked at the link again, it's $30/ 100 NOT 1000

That is 300.00 a thousand sleeve/1500.00 a 5 thousand sleeve.

Whew !

I do not remember exactly what I paid for the 5k boxes in my image above but am real sure it was not over a $100.00 per box, but that was several presidents ago.
I'm working part time at a local outdoor supply shop and they have the same problem. They have some large rifle primers but that's it. But they have a decent amount of powder.

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