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Would you carry at work if ....

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Would you carry at your workplace even if you figured you'd get fired if you were 'caught'?

I'm guessing it comes down to private property concerns for most of us. I'm going to guess that most will answer that they would and do carry at their workplace. Also i'd venture a guess that most people don't work in an environment where you could whip out your gun and show someone.. without getting a 'talking to' about workplace regulations... thoughts?
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No I would not carry at my former employers workplace. Per the employee hand book it was a offense that would get you fired. Also a weapon in your vehicle would also get you fired. I parked off company property so that was not a problem for me. I also traveled on company business around the world which left me unarmed in most countries. Sometimes weapons were available locally and if worked proprely you could be secure. In one muslim country I optained a AK with extra clips and two grenades for $250.00 US sold for same when I left.
Absolutely NO!! I am not permitted to have a weapon on my person when I am at work. I could possibly get by with carrying a firearm since it is not real cleat in our employee handbook what the definition of weapon is. Im not really wanting to test the waters on this issue amd be made an examole of. I can however leave it in my vehicle. Although I would much rather have my firearm on me, I am simply not willing to risk losing my current job and possibly making it harder on myself to find another job by breaking this rule.
heck no.

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I would if I could, however company policy does not allow carry or even a weapon your vehicle.:(
I was always fortunate that my job (LEO) required a firearm. Now as a Pastor I am consider the President or CEO of the Church in the State of Texas. I can even open carry on the property because it is under my control.

If I had a job that said no I would either not have that job anymore or I would be breaking the rules.
It is my understanding that retired LOE can carry concealed nationwide, am I mistaken? Also in this day and age and state regs many of us cannot afford to break the rules or quit a job that pays the bills. I have no problem ignoring the gun laws that are illegal "SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED" If any guest at my home has a cocktail they are 1 required to check their gun at the door or B put their gun in their car or truck. 1 vs b intended rofl
My job requires me to be on customer sites which they regulate the no carry. Our company policy mirrors the customers. I am around some nasty stuff and if shit hit the fan there is enough stuff around me to improvise if needed.
No - it's an offense that could get me fired and I have a family to support. I carry a small Spyderco folder that I use to 'open boxes' though...

All the more reason to look for a new job - which I have been doing for the past 2 years.
It is my understanding that retired LOE can carry concealed nationwide, am I mistaken?
You are correct.
Just got my CCW in Ohio. Called my boss and told him I would be CC in the company car and he gave me his approval. Other than that I am on the road all the time so working out of the company car and not really in an office. However, my customers place of business will dictate what I'll have to do on their property.
Unfortunately, since I work at a defense contractor, it is a federal felony to bring any kind of weapon on the property. Including the parking lot. Funny how workers at a DEFENSE facility are denied the ability to defend themselves.
i choose not to risk a federal fireams violation on us gov't property, so i don't carry on work days.

sign upon entering parking lot, "no guns, knives, weapons on premesis".
Since I own my business and am my own boss, I can and do carry at work! :)
I have in the past so I can say most certainly yes I would. It is more common that these are the places targeted for violence. School shootings, College shootings, mall shootings, post office shootings, look at the policies of places that have a history of work place violence. I wouldn't do my kids any good if the day I didn't have it was the day my worksite was targeted.

While lots of people say it won't happen at my worksite, I am sure the people who it did happen to thought the same thing. My gun is my American Express and to be honest when I left the place that wouldn't let me I had no problems finding another job that even paid more money.
I could carry at work (FFDO) but it seems like a giant pain in the ass, from application to class scheduling (which we don't get leave for) to handling on duty and dealing with security ... not worth it to me. Besides, I got a nice sharp crash axe right behind my seat.
Funny I thought about the same thing earlier.

I agree, dont ask, dont tell.
I do not and will not carry at my work place, it is against regulations and I would be fired on the spot and most likely arrested. Besides that I work in the back where there is nothing but myself and 40 AMF pinspotter machines so its not very unlikely that ill be in any danger and if there were some maniac to come in we also have armed security there most of the time. Now I do carry my knife (considered a tool so its allowed) which offers some protection if I were to be approached in the parking lot.
I wish I could carry, but the Air Force/Military in general doesn't allow weapons to be transported on base. You have to declare your weapons and take them to the base armory, or I should say you're supposed to. I reside in off base housing in Albuquerque, so, I tend to keep a surprise well hidden. Doubt I could get away with carrying at work, but I wish I could, lots of messed up individuals in the military these days. Lack of discipline and bad up-bringings, just my opinion.
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