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Why Everyone Needs An AR-15 - Video w/ summary

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Found this on another forum posting. Worth watching IMO.

"Once again, various gun control groups are pushing for a national Assault Weapon Ban that specifically targets AR-15s. Does the AR-15 deserve all this hate? Does the argument for restricting "military-style rifle" ownership hold up? Isaac Botkin walks through the history of every step of small arms weapon development to see if there is a case for this"

00:00 Intro
03:32 A History of Small Arms
04:08 Matchlocks
04:32 Flintlocks
08:13 Percussion
09:01 Sharps Breech Loader
11:34 Henry Lever Action Repeater
12:39 Mauser Bolt Action
14:05 M1 Garand
15:43 AK-47
18:10 M-16
19:53 AR-15
21:07 Weapons of War
22:53 Crime Prevention
23:41 Military vs. Sporting Arms
25:36 Why Everyone Needs An AR-15
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The people who brandish all of this "hate" for the AR-15, are the same people who cry "racism" at most everything they see others say or do, that they themselves disagree with. They are the exact same victims of what they accuse others of doing..... Forming opinions based on nothing but politics, along with a complete lack of understanding of the subject matter.
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