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Which Glock are you most accurate with?

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For me it's the Glock 30. I even shot some G21s in the past thinking it was the thud recoil instead of the snap recoil (from say a 23) and that since the 21 is longer I could aim better..

Nerp - out of all that i've shot - the G30 is most accurate for my shooting style.

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I have to say I'm more accurate with my G17. That's because it's my only Glock lol. I may buy others in time, but I cannot foresee finding any other that fits me better than the one I have. How is your follow up shot with the thud recoil?
I shoot my G19 the best. The low recoil allows me to get back on target faster for follow up shots. Tho Im not a slouch with my G23 either. Still havnt got to shoot my G23 with my 357 sig barrel yet. Sigh
Thought i'd bring this one back ;)
They all shoot the same. as long as you are lining up your sights and pulling the trigger the way its supose to be pulled you'll hit where your aiming. as far as what i put more rounds on target the fastest with, thats my g17
Glock 32 for me
funny part is I shoot the little 26 real good ....
funny part is I shoot the little 26 real good ....
I shoot my G26 very well too. I love carryin that little gun. When I can get it away from my wife.
Definitely my G30. More of a push type of recoil. Very smooth.
Currently my 21SF. I need to put some more time in with my 23 Carry and 22 Comp Guns.
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