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Where do you carry in your car?

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If you carry - where do you keep it in your car? I've read some people attached holsters to the right side of their driver seat.. between console and seat..

If you're in a sitting position and you need to grab your gun sometimes iwb or right side regular holster just won't do..
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Hey guys,
The state of Wisconsin allows only a cased unloaded firearm in my truck. Open carry is allowed on foot. I live in a small town, with alot of schools. No open carry within 1,000 yrds of a "Gun Free zone" (schools). That pretty much mean's I cannot open carry in town. The gun free zone is being challenged so hopefully will be overturned.
I have a cheap nylon type holster that I tuck between my
drivers seat and center console. I wear my supertuck iwb n simply put my
firearm in it when I exit.
It's always on my person when I carry. I did get a Tommypack for summer use, but haven't worn it yet. Otherwise it's OWB, IWB, or ankle.
I use a nylon holster wedged between my seat and center console. Also seen pictures of someone with a xd gluing the holster that came with gun inside of their console. I don't know if that would be a good or not... rydd2
My Ruger LCP stays in the holster.
I either put it in the center console, or most of the time, I will stick it in the gap between the drivers and middle seat and it sticks there just fine. Makes a quick transition between IWB.
in a soft case under a towel in front of passenger seat when i carry.
Usually I roll with the g17 on strong side hip. tuck my shirt in and it deploys quickly. also have an lcp in the center console and my AR quickly loadable in the back seat of the truck.
I normally keep mine between my seat and the center console or in the center console.

When it's between my seat and the center console it's quickly deployable.
The ankle is a great place to carry in the car .... but alas mine stays on my hip.
Since NM allows us to carry concealed in our vehicles without concealed carry licenses, I typically keep my 27 IWB and my 23 is secreted away in the vehicle!!!! Not difficult to get to though, if needed.
Whatever I am carrying stays on my right hip around the 4 PM position. If I'm driving, sleeping, sitting, reading, walking, etc.. it's always there.
Primary in on my person. I have a lock box in my work car as well.
In Ohio, it has to be on your person, in closed console or glove compartment or a closed case. Does not need to be locked.
holstered in the glove box or on my person... Ohio law.
The only firearm that I care to carry in my car is my grandfather's Marlin 60, which has more personal value to me than dollar value, that I typically have in the trunk. I just don't like the idea of leaving my Glock in the car & not on my person unless I'm prohibited by law to carry it somewhere (such as on my college campus or in church).

However, when I do have to leave it in the car, it's one reason I enjoy wearing a concealed carry vest to and from the college I go to just so when I get there, all I have to do is take it off and either put it on the back of the driver's seat or, if I'm more in a hurry (i.e. I'm late :p ), lay it in the backseat.

If I can't wear the vest, such as for church attire, I use the Clipdraw so I just put it somewhere like the glove compartment (which is a little tricky to do with my car and a full size Glock).
If the Marlin 60 is very valuable to you, is it really a good idea to carry it around in your car with you? I would hate to hear that your vehicle had been broken into and your firearm was stolen. Generally speaking, stolen firearms are usually not recovered. My Father had several firearms stolen out of one of his safes at his house. Many of these firearms were my GrandFathers and even two that were my Great GrandFathers. While the POS crook was caught 8 months later, the firearms and other items that were stolen have never been seen since.
If the Marlin 60 is very valuable to you, is it really a good idea to carry it around in your car with you?
I think you misunderstood what I was getting after. As I'm sure your aware of, Marlin 60s are not too expensive and since I got it for free to begin with, I'm not too concerned with losing it money wise. Yes, there is a sense of personal value since my grandfather let me have it but if I really want to simply protect it, I would lock it up in a safe. Instead, I like the idea that I can instead put it to some use and fill a void rather than keep it for sentimental value; it was sitting in his basement, after all, so to get it from him and do basically the same thing, like let it collect dust, just doesn't sit right with me. Personally, I think he would be happy with how I've been using it.

In fact, I do the same thing with his bolt action .410 Mossberg that I also got from him; while it's obviously not the most ideal gun for home defense, because it's very cheap(I've been offered $15 or abolutely nothing for it from what I remember going to our gun shops), I have it hidden for whenever I leave for class or work but ready to be used if needed. If it get's stolen, then the criminal(s) are in for a surprise...
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I don't leave guns in vehicles. Cars are too easy to break in and it happens too often. I'd just as soon not give my guns to a thief and most likely a drug addict.

My firearm stays in its holster on my belt line. There are occasions I actually will unholster and tuck it underneath my thigh for quick/easy access.
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