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What's your next Glock?

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I'm getting another 30 - Gen 3 30SF (without problems though...)

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Ive been thinkn about getn a 27 or a 33. Havnt quite made up my mind tho. It wont be anytime soon so it seems Ill have plenty of time to decide. Also been thinkn about a 17 to complete the 9mm family of glocks.
probably a Gen4 22 or 17.......gotta check out the latest :)
Would love to have a Glock 36.
I've almost gone w/ a 36 a couple of times... but ended up with the G30 because of the 10+1 vs 6+1
Nice pic. I had a G36 once. But if i was gona buy another compact .45 itd be a G30.
Nice pic. I had a G36 once. But if i was gona buy another compact .45 itd be a G30.
Got one :cool:

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Probably a G17 RTF2 so I can turn it into a Steel Challenge gun. I've got a couple of armorer cert guns to buy up.
maybe a 4th gen glock 19
I would also like a 21sf sometime in the future
Ive been reconsidering my next Glock. I took my wife and my 12 yr old son shooting the other day, and he really suprised me by shooting my G23 pretty well. Considering that he is only 12 he handled the recoil very well I thot. He also shot my G19 and G26, as well as my Kimber Ultra Carry. But seeing that he handled the 40 s&w so well Im considering buying another G23 that will be his when hes old enough to own a gun.
With the G23 he or we could simply buy 9mm or 357 sig conversions for his and he would be all set in the compact Glock frame.
Oh yea btw, guess who got to clean all the guns when we got back.
Thats right the 3 of us, me myself and I. Gota love it. Haha
Well my next might end up being an OD 23......have a possible trade deal on my 3rd gen 22. :cool:

well so much for ad was for a FTF trade in NW Indiana.......this guy is in Louisiana
Right now its a toss up between the G26 and G23.....just not sure.
My next Glock will be a 21. That'll give me a complete set in .45acp.
My next GLOCK is this 34 :cool:
Came with Heinie Straight Eight night sights

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I think my next one will be a G32 because I don't own anything in .357 SIG. I've already got a 17, an OD 20, a 21, 23, 29 and a 36.
It is between a G22 or G23 versus and xd-40S&W.
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