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What's up with the CIA advertising for help on TV????

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The first time I saw the ad with the girl that says "....I have to always be prepared, and I can't tell my friends what I do...." I thought it was a joke! But, then I saw the ad again and again.

How sad is that? The CIA has to openly recruit mall ninjas on national television with a cheesy advertisement for their "clandestine services". I never thought I'd see the fall of Communism in my lifetime. I think this is #2.

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the dept of homeland security got a huge funding boost from the W. before he left of office, and they're still reaping the benefits as US Customs and the FBI are also hiring.

clandestine operative is simply a more socially acceptable way of saying "spy", or "intelligence gatherer".

commercials are simply an effective avenue of recruitment for the government, as it reaches the widest audience the fastest, as evidenced by the military's successful "army of one" campaign.

i've applied with all of these agencies recently, but didn't apply for the position of clandestine operative as they generally send you to "hot zones" around the world. :)
COOL! If you get a job, let us know if you get an employee discount on any of those air-burst launchers.
i do need a new dear hunting iron.....
1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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