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What is your first choice accessory?

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What is your first choice accessory?

  1. Night Sights
  2. Exteneded Mag Release
  3. Extended Slide Release
  4. +1 or +2 Mag Extentions
  5. Grips
  6. Conversion Barrell
  7. Light
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Night sights. I am sold on them 110%.
new sights
ext. slide stop
ext. mag release
lots of ammo and mags
Out of all listed...night sites....

But the number one thing that should be on ANY defense gun is a light. None of those above items will help you identify the threat in a low/no light environment. Which is about 75 percent or more of defensive encounters
I would go with Night Sights.

I added a Light
I usually go for night sights and extended mag releases and at least 3 mags. Tungsten guide rods to add a little weight. On subcompacts I like to add Pearce finger groove extensions to the mags.
Well mine came with factory night sights, so the first add on i got was the mag ext.
What kind of night sights do you all use?

I like the look of the Trijicon night sights, but I've heard that they will get ruined if you get oil or cleaner on them when you clean your gun.

Funny that no one mentioned lasers...

First accessory for me would probably be one of the LX2 LumaMax dual output LED handheld flashlights that KeithD mentioned. Seems like it would be helpful in self defense mode and a good tactical flashlight with the two stage button on the end of the light.
Well I have an X2 light/laser combo. It came as part of a trade that I bargined for. Its part of the night time gear for my 23 for home defense.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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