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What is your favorite Glock and why?

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Just thought Id ask what everyones favorite Glock model and why.

Mine would be my 23. It fits in my hand perfectly, the bottom of the grip/mag doesnt stick out below the bottom of my firing hand. The width/thickness is perfect for my hand. The overall size of the pistol is very comfortable and it feels very ergonomic to me. I use it as my carry semi-auto, and the .40cal is plenty powerful enough and the 13+1 capacity meets my bill perfectly. I did have to do a little massage work to the trigger guard cause I get the "Glock Knuckle" pretty bad, and I added a Tungsten guide rod and and extended slide release, and it also has night sights on it. I could really say that this gun (23) for me is just perfect.

I ask this because I use to carry a 29 which is the sub-compact 10mm and it was just wrong for me. It was clunky and too thick for my hand. And it was just plainly a hand pounder, the whole year and a half I had it I put only 25 rounds through it. I am almost to the point now that I and considering getting rid of my 20 to include all the ammo I have for it, cause I have a S&W 57 .41mag as my hand cannon. Anyways, Happy Shootn.
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Mine would be the 23 also for all the reasons you stated above. The others I've had were the 22 and 17,but for concealment purposes I go with the 23...besides I just received in the mail today a new OWB holster it. I thought about a 27...I'm sticking with the just fits!!!!!
keep yer powder dry...rydd2
Lately mine is my G23 also. But with my 357 sig barrel on it. It goes everywhere I go.
Hello. Thought the one I carried most years ago was a Glock 26, these days I'm having a hard time deciding between the Glock 17 and 19: 17 or 19.htm

I have to go for the original. The gun that started it all. G17. Of course, that's probably because it's my only Glock.
i shot a few different Glocks before I bought my Glock 23... it fits me perfectly and feels like an extension of my hand. Feels great in my Crossbreed IWB Supertuck holster for concealed carry. Unless someone frisks you, they CANNOT tell you're carrying.
My favorite is the G17 4th gen. It just feels so good in my hand that I can't help love it.
The 19 ... with the 26 not far behind.
I have to say the G23. It's chambered in a 40 S&W. It has standard 13 round mags plus it feels great in my hand, that's plenty of stopping power. Plus, the G23 is so versatile, you can buy a 9mm and a 357 barrel to fit it. I have medium or large hands so it's not too bulky like the 10mm or the 45ACP glocks.
Hello. Thought the one I carried most years ago was a Glock 26, these days I'm having a hard time deciding between the Glock 17 and 19: 17 or 19.htm

Very nice writeup and comparison between the Glock 17 and 19.

Lots of good articles on your site...
The G22 since it is the only glock i have.That and i'v alway's liked full size handguns.
My 19 still reigns supreme as my favorite, but the 38 isn't far behind.
I'll go with my G38. Unique cartridge, 45 power in the size of a G19. Second would be my G19c, just cause I think it's cool. :)
My 23 I purchased recently has become my favorite. For me its the perfect size.
Since the only Glock I currently own is a 21 (gen3), I have to say it is my favorite! The 21 is kinda the Heavyweight Champion of the Glock world. Oversized, rough around the edges, and packs an INCREDIBLE punch!

Now with that said, I recently shot the 19 and am currently in the market for a compact 9mm. The 19 is at the top of a short list. I'm thinking that if I end up with the 19, I will be back here to update my "favorite Glock" choice!!
I would have to say my one and only Glock. My Glock 19. As others has stated, it just fells right, my favorite gun.
My favorite range Glock would be the 22 and my favorite CCW is my Glock 23.
It is hard to pick between the G30 and G29.I carry both and shoot both just as good.The ammo is cheaper for the 30 but the 29 has more power at longer distances.I guess I would have to say the G30 for everday carry because I shoot it more.If I was in the woods I would choose the G29.
G17 Why first Glock I ever touched. first Glock I ever shot. Last gun I'll ever own.
G22, "cause its the only one I have, for now...
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