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What have you done this month to prepare?

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Natural of manmade disaster? A few days without power or SHTF? Doesn't matter.

I ordered a bucket of 200 freeze dried meal servings (super long shelf life) to my preps.
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Short answer is not enough...gotta get on the ball...hurricane season is upon us. The wife has been canning and putting up food. Need to prepare for water shortages though.
Yep, food without water is not much help.

Clean potable watr is a must.
I bought and stored some calcium hypochlorite for water treatment.
I ordered it from amazon. Just do a search on freeze-dried food.
I received my kits that we ordered and put away with our other members are also ordering some!! On another note stocked away some water..DUH finally! Also did some asking around out here and found out ther are some old and new water wells in the know just in case!!

Good replies by all. I focus on water ammo and tips for bow hunting. Plenty of game where I live. 3 week supply of food in case of nuc or bio attack. In a SHTF scenario I would leave my apt as its undefensable and head to the woods. rydd2 show great heads up on knowing wells in the area if needed. A group of friends and family have a plan, and list of what each will provide as well as alternative means of communication(cell shortwave and CB radio and 2 sat phones).
When I went to the supermarket last week they had cans of Chef Boyardee on sale and picked 10 of them up.

Picked up 2 more cases of bottled water from Costco.

If you do it slow and steady it can be very cost effective.
I purchased some Celox blood clotter from Amazon.

I got an extra 30 days worth of medications from my family quacktitioner.
I've been storing up layers of fat...
That only works for us Northerners. We need to hibernate for the winter.
Looking thru this thread and a few others, there are a few things I thought of that I havn't seen on to many's list;

Duct Tape, the universal tool
Zip ties. almost as usefull as duct tape
Bungees, for fastening items to large for zip ties.
Ziplock bags. for keeping tinder and matches dry, and in a pinch as a canteen.
I am also including nails and screws in my Bug out kit. If I need to make a shelter it's faster than paracord lashing.
Aluminium foil great for storing excess food after cooking, good to make a wind break for a camp stove, caa be used in place of a pot in a pinch.
New campstove, more propane tanks, food and water. I add food and water weekly and camping equipment monthly as budget allows. Extra ammo for trade
i was in the northeast here a couple years ago when the power grid took a giant crap.

no electricity for 5 days here in this part of country. no big deal. worst part was no AC, and it was the hottest part of summer. many stores were still open if you needed food/water. couldn't get gas though, as pumps are all electronic nowadays.

i'll tell you though, that was the quietest 5 days i can remember. no traffic, no airplanes overhead, you could see the stars at night without all the light pollution. i did drive around, and it was fun with no traffic lights. it was kinda nice in that regard.

just ate canned crap, and ho ho's until the power came back on ;)
This month I got a G23 gen 4.
Thanks for reminding me Don G. I totally forgot to stock up 5yrs worth of Ho Hos. Heading to the store saturday morning. Did you know they have spam with bacon now?
Thanks for reminding me Don G. I totally forgot to stock up 5yrs worth of Ho Hos. Heading to the store saturday morning. Did you know they have spam with bacon now?
not sure about the bacon, but i believe spam is still packed in that delightful white grease compound
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