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Which Caliber did you start with?

  • 9x19

    Votes: 57 37.0%
  • .357

    Votes: 5 3.2%
  • .380

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • .40

    Votes: 56 36.4%
  • 10mm

    Votes: 5 3.2%
  • .45ACP

    Votes: 31 20.1%
  • .45GAP

    Votes: 0 0.0%

What caliber Glock was your first?

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There are 7 choices of calibers for Glock owners.. which did you start out with?
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The Glock 36 was my first
Glock 23 was my first

(figure i'd better answer my own question eh!)
A G21C was my very first Glock, followed by a G17, G30, G26, G21, 2 G24's and a G27.
Hello. My first Glock (and now the rest) are chambered for 9mm.

9mm-1st.......45acp 2nd.....9mm will be next
First Glock was a 21 ... I have owned multiples of each caliber in 9mm, 40 and 45. I have trimmed it all down to 9mm's now.
my first Glock was a 19. I sold it to get a 27 but I just couldn't live without a 19 so I got another in OD
My 1st was glock 30sf .45acp man stopping power!!!
When my family's life is in danger hornady critical defense .45acp all the way...
Glock 23 was first, followed by my 27.

My next is going to be a 30 if ammo supplies ever rise back to normal.


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Glock 19 was the first
Glock 19 NY-1 triggger and TNS was my first Glock
G23 first.. love .40 S&W round.
My first Glock was a model 19, I was also 19 years old and worked at a County Jail in Florida, so we were allowed to purchase handguns legally through the Sherriff's Department. Damn fine gun, but had to switch to .40 when I returned from 3 years with the AF in Japan.
My first was a 10MM Auto GLOCK 20, very accurate, but too big for my smaller hands, If Id had known I would have gotten a 20SF instead. But owell, I have since moved on to more.
Glock 17 and 9mm for me...
1 - 20 of 91 Posts
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