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Was *almost* a Sig buyer :o

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Greetings from Seattle--

New to pistols, but not new to marksmanship. Used to shoot .22 rifles in high school (actually had a meet at West Point--- what an awesome experience), recurve archery as well but can't say that's practical. Looking to get back into shooting sports now.

I took a basic handgun class and demoed a lot of rental pistols at my range and fired a couple of hundred rounds. At the end of the road I was deciding between the Sig p226 and a G17--- Glock won. Gonna pick it up this weekend.

Here's to GF
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welcome, my friend from seattle. :)

congrats on the g17, post some pics for us if you're able to.
Welcome to the forum,i would have got a sig but my g22 was only 419 new with my LE discount and a sig would have cost 900 so the glock came home with me.But money wasn't all,i liked the simplicity of the glock.Have fun this weekend,let us no how you like it.
Good choice. Ive never been a sig fan.
I have a 226 and a G17. I have to say that from a lot of experience with both you made a good choice
Sig makes a great gun would have been a good choice either way.
good choice but if you ever change your mind you won't go wrong by adding a 226.
Good choice on the Glock 17!

I have a 4th gen G17 too and love it...
Grats on your 17. Good you have you here as a member with us. Happy Shootin! Boomer
Welcome ... enjoy your stay.
Good choice. Happy to have you.
I really liked the feel of the 226 and I really like the double action / single action concept, but it's a hefty pistol compared to the Glock. Knowing I was going to do IDPA/USPSA shooting, I think that double action would do me in.

but yes...I probably will get it in the future.
$900? Is that with a LE discount? Sigarms doesn't cut you any slack.
Will do. The weekend can't come soon enough
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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