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Uhhhh, Really?

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Only one end zone will be used for offense Saturday at Wrigley Field for the Illinois-Northwestern game because of safety concerns, the Big Ten announced Friday, and the Chicago Cubs said the decision caught them by surprise.

The east end zone is just feet away from the right-field wall, and although there is padding, there still were concerns that players could be injured there.
Northwestern coach Pat Fitzgerald had said this week that he would have different game plans for each end zone to avoid the possibility of injury
One end zone for a football game? How in the world is that going to work? What happens if there is an interception? I think this is ridiculous. :confused:
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Weird! I guess in the case of an interception you turn around and run in the opposite direction than you think you should run. Uhhhh, really? That would take
some instant adjusting to what football players have been taught all their lives. IMO, if either team didn't like the field they should have turned down the deal and played somewhere else.
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