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Tula at Wall-Mart

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I decided about 4 am to take a break from work and head to Wal-mart to get my wife a birthday card. While there, I decided to take a look at their ammunition. They had tons of Tula ammo in assorted calibers, including .380. Has anyone had any experience with Tula? If so, was it positive or negative. I understand it's made in the same factory that makes Wolf. I've shot Wolf off and on for a long time and have only had issues with their .223 in my Bushmaster, but the ammo was sitting in my garage for over 4 years. The Tula 9mm was cheaper than the Federal target rounds, by like 1.00, but it's still cheaper. I may pick up some 9mm and .380 and just try it, but some other opinions would be nice.
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The cheap Federal ammo works fine for plinking in my G19. I have a concern with using steel case ammo rather than brass in the long term wear issues it may have. I also prefer US made ammo (in my Austrian-made Gun).
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