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Tueller Drill

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Based upon some comments in another thread, I thought I'd share the Tueller Drill with the members in case some of you have not heard of it. I learned of this drill during a training session I took some time ago. It was a very eye opening drill!

Tueller Drill - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

  1. The "attacker and shooter are positioned back-to-back. At the signal, the attacker sprints away from the shooter, and the shooter unholsters his gun and shoots at the target 21 feet (6.4 m) in front of him. The attacker stops as soon as the shot is fired. The shooter is successful only if his shot is good and if the runner did not cover 21 feet (6.4 m).
  2. A more stressful arrangement is to have the attacker begin 21 feet (6.4 m) behind the shooter and run towards the shooter. The shooter is successful only if he was able take a good shot before he is tapped on the back by the attacker.
  3. If the shooter is armed with only a training replica gun, a full-contact drill may be done with the attacker running towards the shooter. In this variation, the shooter should practice side-stepping the attacker while he is drawing the gun
I recommend scenario #3 for training.
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Good practice I like this idea. I'd never heard of it before Thanks!
In my training class, the instructor ran from the side towards the shooter's side, not from the front or rear. The shooter was good at what he does and he was unable to draw and fire his weapon before the "attacker" closed the 21 foot distance. Of course in this scenario, the shooter was standing still which just drives home the point of moving when you have to fire and not just standing still. A hard thing to practice at many ranges.
I did this drill, but didn't know the name for it. I was in a group of about 25 people male and female. It was suprising that less than half were able to get a shot off with the runner closing to a distance of more than a few feet. The best shot was a Swat member that got a shoot off with 6 feet to spare. About half failed. Most that passed only had a foot or two left including myself. I had about 4 feet. It was an eye opener. We shot at paper with the runner coming at us from the side and had to hit the blue on the target. We had two tries. The second go round we had a slightly better success rate, but not by much. The instructor did say that the reason we did better the second time was the element of suprise was taken out of the picture. It goes to show how much good training can make the difference between life and death.
It's an eye-opener. 21' is not a great distance if you think about as less than 7 strides.
It's an eye-opener. 21' is not a great distance if you think about as less than 7 strides.
Your right. You add stress, panic, and surprise, compounded by no proper training and the BG has the upper hand real quick.
I have done those drills it makes it a lot more real and lets you know where you are at in your response time, I think people get caught up in shooting a non moving piece of paper at the range.
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