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TruGlo TFO night sights?

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I just got issued a new G27 w/ factory Glock (standard) sights. I wanted to replace them and was considering the TroGlo TFO night sights. I'm just looking for input from anyone that has used them on their Glocks. Pros and Cons.

If it helps my G27 is my carry gun when I am not at work and while working it is my back up.
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I have TFO's on my G23 and they are great in the daytime. Not thrilled with the Tritium though, might just be a bad set. But the Tritium in my Heinie Straight 8's is visible even in a room with a lamp on. If you could I'd say check them in low light (maybe on someone else's?)
mepro is good . real bright in the daytime and night time .
I really like my TFOs. They are bright day and night.

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I have Hienes on my duty G35. On my G27 I wanted to try a sight that I can see well in the day but still have the night sight option. In the past I have had XS big dot night sight on my G23 but had some issues mastering that sight.
Just had another set of Hieinie Straight 8 night sights put on my G17. I really like the dot over dot and the wider width of the rear for quick pick up. These are some bright night sights even in that in between time when most crap happens. They also make the "Ledge" which is nice for one handed reloads as it provides a good racking point against a holster or belt. I didn't care for the big dot because it was to "big". Seemed distracting. Not an issue with these Heinie's. I like the fiber for daytime, but for me the Heinies work.
I've had 5 sets of the TRO's. 3 were on XD's that I've since sold. The other 2 sets are on my G20 and G21. Get the green front/yellow rear.

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