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Trouble shooting a Glock?

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I just came from lurking on GT where I'm unable to post and still in Limbo after registering several weeks ago. Anyways, there was a guy posting there that he has been having trouble shooting his glock and that he shot a friends Beretta much better and faster. It wasn't his issue that caught my attention, but all the replies telling him that Glocks are harder to shoot and require more practice. Really? When my department switched over from the Beretta to the Glock the scores went up and the times went down considerbly. And, unlike some believe, not all cops are gun guys. The only disadvantage the Glock had on the range vs. the Beretta was at the 50 yard line where six rounds stronghand supported, prone or Kneeling (whatever the shooter is more comfortable with) - The beretta with it's 5" barrel out performed. The Glock owns the rest of the range.

Does anyone here find the Glock harder to shoot?
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Thanks DC. Personally I find my shooting varies from gun to gun and not so much from brand to brand. For example; I can shoot my 19 better than my friend's 19 but I can shoot his 17 better than both. My 30FS is a tackdriver. We both shoot that gun as close as perfect as one can get. But I would have to say I never came across a bad Glock. Some just shoot a little better than others. For me it's all about getting in sync with the trigger. Even when I was big into 1911's.. I had custom work done on all of them but shot some better than others?
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