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your glocks are fine :)

the connector is pushed slightly inward, allowing the trigger bar to ride up between it and the frame. the "snap" you ear is the trigger bar resetting as it's moving forward, allowing the connector snap back outward. this is accomplished by the "hook" like part at the top of the connector that is pushed inward by the corresponding channel in the bottom of the slide during cycling. as the connector is pushed inward, the trigger spring pulls the trigger bar back and up, so it's sitting in between the connector and the frame. sometimes when you take the slide off it's like this, and sometimes not. it makes no difference.

with the slide off you can even pull the trigger bar forward by the safety plunger arm, and watch the connector snap back out. you can even push the connector hook inward and pull the trigger back so the trigger bar sits in between there again. won't hurt anything, it's normal operation :)
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