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Traffic stop and driver conduct-- how should you behave?

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Question for LEO's all the people that carry. If you're pulled over by a LEO how should one behave? I've read a couple of suggestions but I'm wondering what the glock pro'ers think. Here's what I've heard/read:

-- Roll down all windows
-- Interior lights on if it's at night.
-- Hands stay on the steering wheel until asked for license/registration.
-- I realize it'll vary from state to state whether or not you're legally obligated to declare if you have a loaded firearm in the car. For me, when I'm asked by the LEO I would hand them my drivers license as well as my CCW license, then answer all questions he/she has while I keep my hands visible and on the wheel.

Does this seem reasonable so far?

Thanks in advance
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More tips in dealing with the police. (Some language maybe considered offensive by a few most will laugh though)

Thankfully once I saw it was Chris Rock I knew to stop drinking that soda. :D

Thanks for the much needed laugh.

As to the original topic, this is what my CHL class instructor suggested with his additional comments:

1. Pull over in a safe location, off the road if possible or as far to the side.
2. Turn the engine off.
3. Hazard lights on.
4. Interior lights on if the inside of the car is dark (night or whatever).
5. Hands on the steering wheel with the window all the way down.
6. If you are armed, inform. (Ohio requires CHL holders to inform only if armed, but if it is your car they know from running the plates.)

Of course there's the polite interactions, and following all lawful requests/orders.
I think common sense is a good rule of thumb, and knowing what is required for any state you may be driving in.

My first rule of thumb, though, is if at all possible not to attract that kind of attention in the first place.

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