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Traffic stop and driver conduct-- how should you behave?

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Question for LEO's all the people that carry. If you're pulled over by a LEO how should one behave? I've read a couple of suggestions but I'm wondering what the glock pro'ers think. Here's what I've heard/read:

-- Roll down all windows
-- Interior lights on if it's at night.
-- Hands stay on the steering wheel until asked for license/registration.
-- I realize it'll vary from state to state whether or not you're legally obligated to declare if you have a loaded firearm in the car. For me, when I'm asked by the LEO I would hand them my drivers license as well as my CCW license, then answer all questions he/she has while I keep my hands visible and on the wheel.

Does this seem reasonable so far?

Thanks in advance
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Thanks for the help, gang. Pulling into a location safe for both driver and officer is a great tip. WA state doesn't link the concealed license to any other database, and there's no law stating I have to declare. Common sense, first I guess. I don't think I'll make an issue of the gun unless it comes up (asked to get out of the car, request to search vehicle, etc).
Hi Vol--

Yah, I thought about the warrant issue as well, but for me if the officer asks to search the vehicle I decided I won't say "no" or "may I see a warrant"? I figure it'll be more work on both our parts to go through that conversation, and for the LEO I have nothing to hide including my weapon.
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