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Well , this Thurs I got my first Glock, a Gen 3 G 27.

Im not very good at writing or reviews, but Ill give it a shot....

I took it out today, shot 150 rounds of Target ammo, Monarch 180 gr, thru it.

The pistol was not as "snappy" as my Kel Tec 40, but a lot more comfortable and accurate, and a lot smaller feeling than my XD subcompact 40, overall it was a good balance of weight and size for this caliber.

At first I thought it was shooting a little to the left, but after I got a little more accustomed to the trigger , and some of the new gun fever subsided, I became more comfortable with it and the shots started grouping pretty well.

Shot at 15, then 25 yards, was very pleased overall with guns accuracy, and as far as function it was perfect. No jams, fail to feed or fire, or to eject, everything worked 100%.

Cant wait to get it broken in!

Bought a Blackhawk brand, check 6 holster (Small of the back) for it, its actually easier to carry than I thought it would be, just as concealable as my J frame Smith.

So, all in all, Im very happy for my first outing with my first Glock:cool:

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