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The Unit on today @5

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Fox has the unit coming on at 5pm today :) It's a rerun of course, but I'm just glad its still on somewhere!

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It's sad. I've seen them all. Some more than a few times. Just sad.
i haven't seen that one. is there a hot chick in it? if so, i may have to check it out ;)
A couple of channels around here do the reruns. It seems that it is almost always an episode that I have previously seen, and I rarely watched it when it was on the air in first run.
That theme is actually the ring tone on my phone. It's on one channel or another on satellite, after seeing them all it's what I leave on when I'm reading a book or messing with a gun. That's the original theme by the way.
i have all the seasons of The Unit on DVD the ring tone on their phone is my ring tone as well.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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