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It's probably bad etiquette to ask about another internet forum here, but I am a member of many forums to increase my knowledge. I'm hoping someone can gimme a hand here. . .here's the problem. . .I'm a registered member of the "other" forum, but cannot post or reply to any threads (my access has been restricted). I've sent emails to the forum admins and have gotten no reply. I haven't posted anything offensive or illegal, so this has to be a glitch of some sort.

Could someone who's a member over there post a question on my behalf in the general forum inquiring why "rowemesp" can no longer post or reply to threads? Maybe that'll get a moderators attention. . . .thanks!
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GT was the first GLOCK forum I tried to join before I found After registering and receiving the "activation email" I was still unable to post anything. I tried sending an e-mail to their "support" e-mail and it was sent back as undeliverable. I gave up on them and searched for a different forum and found this one. I'm still new here but so far I am happy I found this site.
I too just recently got the email allowing me to participate. I do not plan on posting anything on that forum but I did find something on the site that I wish I would have found before I bought my 23. Apparently Glock offers discounts on firearms to those they deem "first responders". Oh well, I'm sure I will be buying another Glock sometime down the road. I just hope they keep that discount program going.
It's actually the Law Enforcement discount. Glock just includes Fire, EMS, Pilots, Security Officers, etc. in the discount. So not necessarily first responders but more Homeland Security.

I've attached the order form for anyone who is interested.


1 - 3 of 60 Posts
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