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The classifieds

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When I click on a post in the classifieds it won't open to let me see what is being sold.
What is the problem
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Works for me........what are you clicking on?
I'm clicking on the red for sale and all it does is go right back to the same thing.
click on the title in black, not the red text.......
Yeah - if you click on the 'for sale' it will sort it and put all the 'for sales' up top.. sorry, kind of confusing..

We gotta get more listed there anyway eh? Look for stuff to sell!
I've got some mags I would like to sell but I can't put pics with them in the ad so I don't bother.
Why can't you put up pics? Is it giving you an error or you're not sure how?


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Ahh.. gotcha.

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1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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