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Thanks rob!

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I have a little time here and was just thinking( a dangerous thing for me my wife says!) that I have had and will continue having a great time on this forum! So my hat's off to ya Rob! Thank you for starting a great forum where like minded friends are able to meet even when we're spread pretty much all over!
( a big ole tear swells up in my good eye!) After a day at work it's relaxing to visit on here...even learn something in the process!! :cool:

keep yer powder!
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No problem man - glad you like the forum :) Thanks for joining up and contributing!
Agreed, I am much more happier here, than at some of the more popular Glock forum sites. This site is GREAT, I really like how it is centered/focused more on Glocks with a little about other stuff here and there. Awesome job, Happy Shootin! Boomer
Yes im going to agree with rydd2, This is the best Glock forum ive been on. I tried to pose questions on the "talk" sight and it took a week to get approved to make a post, then the post had to be is all I have to say. So thanks to everyone who keeps this place up and running.
This is hands down the best glock site. We are growing more everyday.
oh wait ? this is a glock site ? haha just kidding man. great site ;)
I agree... Very friendly... very well laid out site...

I see the popularity going up and up... Good job, Rob...
Yeah good job. I am another that prefers this site to some of the more busy
I concur.. This site is the best forum I've come across. Thanks Rob and Bobbi
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