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Thanks for the Welcome!

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I'm from northern Arizona and want to say thanks to everyone that have set this site up.
I'm looking forward to sharing my experiences with my Glock 34 and learning from each of you.
Look forward to posting and hearing from you.
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Thanks for the thanks! ;)

And thanks for signing up - how'd ya hear about us anyway?

My wife and I lived in AZ probably 15 yrs ago - near Tempe.. loved it out there but there wasn't much work that I could find.
I found the site by performing a search for Glock forums.
Personally I like that it's a new sight with membership growing. From some of the discussions I've seen, you appear to have quite a spread of knowledge regarding Glocks, which is great.
As far as Arizona, my wife and I have lived here about 2.5 years, in a little town call Ash Fork. Well, actually, we're live near the forest.
Love the peace and open land!
I'm able to work from home, which has its advantages. But, am looking forward to retirement in the next couple of years.
Also, having grown up in Texas, it's like going home.
Again, thanks for the welcome.
well i'm south of you and were supposed to see 114 and 115 thurs and friday, welcome
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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