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Tactical Solutions TSG-22 .22 LR Conversion Kit-- it's here!!

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I just received my .22 LR conversion kit from Cabela's and now I can't sleep. I'm going to try and hit the range tomorrow and I'll post more info. Came with a plastic hard case (Glock-style) and a 10 round polymer mag. I was hoping for the 15 round mag but I'm happy enough to get the package! The barrel is the standard, non-threaded type.

It is not cheap -- $349 with shipping, but I will make up for it eventually. If I'm not round dumping entire mags to get more trigger time, I can definitely picture myself doing 2500 or so draw strokes over time.

Pics and more details to come but some other info off the bat:

-- The slide weights about 12.5 ounces. Using the same scale, the stock Glock slide weighs about 17 ounces.
-- An insert says the recommended ammunition are CCI Blazers, CCI Mini-Mag HV, and Federal AutoMatch.
-- "For best results with your TSG-22 .22LR conversion use high velocity ammunition with a 40 grain round nose bullet. We do not recommend the use of hypervelocity ammunition"
-- Cleaning and lubing the kit is recommended after each use, but this requires removing two screws with a 1/16" Allen wrench. Not as straightforward as I'd hoped. Guess I'll go for plated bullets...
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TSG-22 pics

Couple of pics. Apologies if they're a little out of focus-- I only have a point and shoot camera. Maybe I need better sights...

Mounted on my Gen4 G17

Slide locked back. The 10 round magazine sticks out a little. Yes, it's fully seated.

Muzzle end. On a Gen3 Glock, that gap where the receiver meets the slide won't be present.

These two screws hold in the firing pin housing. In order to remove the barrel from the slide, you have to unscrew these, and "gently tap" the slide to remove it. I haven't figured a way to remove it like you would the locking block on the receiver. It wasn't easy because you have to slide the barrel halfway forward so that the ejector doesn't cover this housing, hold that part and the rest of the slide, and THEN work this closely-matched housing out of the slide. And I'm supposed to do this every time after a range session. A little awkward...
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I'm sure this will run great. I've had great success with Tactical Solutions products. Please let us know what you think after shooting it.
Surprisingly I haven't shot it yet due to a couple of issues-- sick kid and I was lingering on the fact that Cabela's sent me the 10 round instead of 15 round. I was almost tempted to return it because their website still says they offer the 15 round mag.

I e-mailed Cabela's who said "oh, our fault. Our website was wrong." But their only options for me were to keep it, or return the whole thing.

I called Tactical Solutions, who said they were aware of the issue with Cabela's. A woman there said they were collecting a list from them and will be sending replacement 15 round mags. Now THAT'S customer service. I'm now a loyal Tact Sol customer.

Will put up a range report soon-- I hope.
I called TSG direct 2 weeks ago and ordered 2-15 round magazines in advance, received them yesterday. A little pricey at 34.00 each I would say, 80.00 for the 2 mags with shipping. My kit is on back order with Midway USA, according to TSG they are not shipping any kits out right now, should be shipping to the dealers 2nd week in March they say.

My opinion is they just can't keep up with the demand, they probably need to look at having another company help out with production. There are a lot of G22's and G17's out there waiting!
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