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Swiss made 9mm ammo

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Went to wally world for ammo today and the only 9mm they had was Swiss made RWS. Any one shot this ammo? If so please share your thoughts and opinions.

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Never seen or shot it. My wally world mart carries remington 9mm ammo.
I put 50 rnds through my G17 and it liked it. Pricey at $17.00 a box
Good deal. And yes it is a lil pricey for practice ammo. IMO
Caught some info at GT and most shooters (and Glocks) like it. Majority pro, minority no. From my point of view pricey for range, cheap for self defense. Just MO, but my G17 loves it
Just wanted to make clear, I am NOT saying use this ammo for self defense. I like it so far, but will need to fling a few hundred more down range before I make that choice.
i am sure it is decent quality if its swiss. let us know how it works out for you.
Interesting that the link does not even list pistol ammo beyond rimfire.
Way to expensive with no added benefits.
Anyone shot any of the Steel Cased Russian "Black Bear" or "Silver Bear" 9mm ? I know the Black Bear has a laquer coating on the Case but I don't know if the Zinc coated Silver Bear does. This stuff sure is cheap through "Ammo To Go".
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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