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I am a security officer looking to buy my first duty weapon, obviously a glock and i prefer compacts. I pretty familiar with 9 mill and 40 cals, but am willing to learn new things. Any suggestions???
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Only a few poeple will say .40 Im starting to wonder if its there lack of proficiency with one i would take either Im a good shot with both more power i would go .40 less power and recoil go 9mm
I would suggest either the G19 or the G23. That would also depend on how much $ you want to spend on ammo for the range. 40 is more expensive.
i pay 23$ for 9mm 100ct WWB and for .40 100ct WWB i pay 28$
For target ammo I can buy the yellow 250 Mega Pack of 9mm for $52.00 + tax. It can be found slightly cheaper online if you buy 500 or 1,000 rounds at a time but you also have to factor in shipping.
yes i can get the same thing in .40 for 68$ as u can see not that much more like poeple think
i paid 25$ for hornady critical defense 9mm 115gr 25ct and i paid 20$ for hornady critical defense .40 165gr 20ct i don't see where your going with this its like conspiracy theory
1 - 4 of 22 Posts
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