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I am a security officer looking to buy my first duty weapon, obviously a glock and i prefer compacts. I pretty familiar with 9 mill and 40 cals, but am willing to learn new things. Any suggestions???
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Gen 3 GLOCK 19. :)
I don't pick .40 caliber in any firearm over a 9mm. The ballistics aren't that much greater while the 9mm is much more controllable. I have owned .40 caliber in many different firearm models and manufacturers, including GLOCK and I usually sell them pretty quickly. 9mm is also cheaper when purchasing ammo and when we are discussing GLOCKS specifically, as the OP stated he wanted, their bread and butter is the 9mm.
i pay 23$ for 9mm 100ct WWB and for .40 100ct WWB i pay 28$
For target ammo I can buy the yellow 250 Mega Pack of 9mm for $52.00 + tax. It can be found slightly cheaper online if you buy 500 or 1,000 rounds at a time but you also have to factor in shipping.
Well it's relative. Depending on how much one shoots, it may add up quick. That's a $16.00 difference per 250 rounds. If someone buys 1,000 rounds, that's $64.00, or another entire box of 250 round 9mm with enough change left over for lunch.

Defensive ammo is usually where there is even more of a gap between 9mm and .40 cal cost.
i paid 25$ for hornady critical defense 9mm 115gr 25ct and i paid 20$ for hornady critical defense .40 165gr 20ct i don't see where your going with this its like conspiracy theory
Again, I typically don't buy 10-20 rounds at a time. Here is a decent example, in my 2 minutes worth of searching. I often purchase from

FMJ Ammo
1,000 rounds of Winchester White Box 9mm is $279.95.
1,000 rounds of Winchester White Box 40 Cal is $339.95

A difference of $60.00 and that's not even the cheapest 9mm ammo that they have.
Fiocchi is $239.95 per 1,000 rounds of 9mm
Dynamit Nobel is $199.95 per 1,000 rounds of 9mm
Winchester Ranger Nato is $219.95 pere 1,000 rounds of 9mm

When you move into JHP ammo
On sale is Federal HSTs ammo. Looking at the heavier grain 9mm +p, it's the same price as standard HSTs in .40 cal at $264.95

Gold Dots - 9mm is $10.00 cheaper per 500 rounds

So there clearly is no conspiracy theory but rather facts and data to review and verify. Generally speaking, 9mm ammo is cheaper then .40 cal ammo. There is always going to be a sale or a special find where .40 might be the same as or even slightly cheaper but generally speaking, 9mm is going to be less.
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