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Striker Control Device

It would be helpful if they showed the device on it's own.
The writer's simplistic description that's just 2 plates with a hinge, like a door, and how often do you see those fail., doesn't hold water for me.
How often does a door deal with the shock of recoil? Just out of hand this is a no for me.

Has anyone seen or used one of these?


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Sounds like a remedy to a non existent problem thingy to me.

Langdon Tactical Striker Control Device varies depending on the model of Glock handgun and ranges from $78.95 to $84.95.

West Lake Tactical
SCD Striker Control Device for Glock Gen 1-4 Models 17–41 Aluminum Alloy
SKU SCD-GLCK-1-4-12E23


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