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Stay at Glock's resort in Saag

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I can't tell when it'll be open - but it looks like the Glock family is opening a resort in Saag..

The family of Ferlacher weapons industrialist Gaston Glock has always tried to avoid the public
As a new tenant of the famous seaside resort in Saag Robert Glock makes legacy is one exception. He already has two sites at the Wörthersee - Bad Saag is however no room for the Society to be.

The processes in the Glock-million dollar empire to the public to remain always in secret. In his role as the new tenant of Bad Saag (see box), says Robert Glock now from a completely different page. He wants to seek dialogue with the citizens' initiative for the conservation of the seaside resort for the public
. The new bath-tenant announces even trying to present his future plans on Friday personally.

Water slide and chef
Fears, will the bathroom used as a private land and will only be made available to the Wörthersee Society, tried to refute Glock: "I have two properties on the lake. Saag Schickimicki should not be a square, but a casual Platzerl to the public!" That Glock has already bought a water slide and chef Hubert Wallner fishing. On the 11,000 square meter site next to a Glock plant site for the water rescue and a new restaurant, a diving and ski-school. The peaceful atmosphere in the seaside resort Saag should be kept.
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