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Starting IPSC

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Alrighty, this coming Sunday(25th) will be my first ever competition shooting match. Its an IPSC 101 course given for beginners and for the local shooters who aren't available to shoot on Saturdays. I will be shooting my Gen2 22 for the exercise and as far as working/operating mods done to it are a set of night sights which were on it when I got it. I also did the .25 cent trigger job and a little sanding work on the mag well area to aid in friendlier mag insertion, also there is one of those extended butt plugs in the grip well opening to aid in mag insertion too. Ill be using a Serpa holster with the paddle attachment.

If ya'll wouldn't mind, I'm looking for some good tips for the competition even. Thanks
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For your first competition, I would concentrate on several things:

1. Safety: This has to become automatic, so pay attention to safety first. Be very careful not to "break 180", and keep your finger out of the trigger guard when you're moving.

2. Listen and learn the procedures: As others have mentioned, learn by watching and asking others. Once you tell your squad that you're a new shooter, there will be no shortage of helpful advice and coaching. It will also take the pressure off to perform well in this first match.

3. Listen carefully to the stage briefings, ask questions if you don't understand something, and "walk through" the stages as you see others do, planning where they will shoot and change magazines. Doing this, you will be sure to see all of the targets in the stage before you attempt to shoot the stage.

4. Just hit the targets, and don't worry about speed, at least not yet.

Congratulations on getting into action shooting competition, I hope you find it both challenging and rewarding!

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