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Starting IPSC

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Alrighty, this coming Sunday(25th) will be my first ever competition shooting match. Its an IPSC 101 course given for beginners and for the local shooters who aren't available to shoot on Saturdays. I will be shooting my Gen2 22 for the exercise and as far as working/operating mods done to it are a set of night sights which were on it when I got it. I also did the .25 cent trigger job and a little sanding work on the mag well area to aid in friendlier mag insertion, also there is one of those extended butt plugs in the grip well opening to aid in mag insertion too. Ill be using a Serpa holster with the paddle attachment.

If ya'll wouldn't mind, I'm looking for some good tips for the competition even. Thanks
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Hey Boomer,

I am the guy you talked to at the Competition. Good shooting there. It was my first time too. I think we gave all the "pro's" a run for their money today.

I shot a perfect score in 29.95 seconds with a beat up Glock 17 I bought for $250.00.

Nice meeting you and as you can see, I joined the forum too.
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