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Hey - why not start a blog on here? A blog on a gun forum has tons of useful points to it...

Blog about each shooting match you're in..
Blog shooting tips.. cleaning tips...
Blog about your range trips..
Blog about your ammo buyin trips..
Blog about your carry experience..
Blog/rant about just about anything.

What's the difference between a blog post and a forum post?

Well, there's not much of a difference.. the main thing is if people like what you have to say you can use it almost like a podium or soap box to get things off your chest. They'll keep checking your blog page to see if you've added anything... (how'd that match turn out??)

Hey guys - it's your site - get up there and claim your spot! Click the "Blogs" link at the top of any page!

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I agree, Rob, about the usefulness of the "Blog" feature. It's like a running commentary and is particular to the individual writer. There are some shooters in the forum that I would love to just follow their range-life and self analysis of their shooting experience. As a very-new-to-Glocks (G19) shooter and transitioning from a revolver (with only moderate experience through the years) I would love to have some accomplished shooters input on my my shooting 'issues.'

I'll start my Blog next and they can weigh in on my consistent left groupings (even after having my rear site adjusted right)~~ :)

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