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if glock thought it was necessary, they'd have done it long ago.
-Wrong. Glock probably knows ,and also, I'm pretty sure the " Lincoln or Cadillac, knows Steel is Far way more Protective material than the plastic & foil they are Now using to make The Brand New Cars you trust your own life & your family's life in, "they're stretching a buck"
Just like you Gringos say & Do With Everything.
It is what it is..., and you know what it is...? "it's just cheaper... you know that. Same reason why theres no real muscle cars after the early 80s, you can now dent about any car door by only using the mighty power of your hand. Go ahead, I'm sure any 8 year old could too. 😉

"-Nothing is true, everything is permitted".
21 - 21 of 21 Posts