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Springfied Armory XDs

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How many of you like Springfield Armory XDs.

I own both XDs and Glocks. I like my Glock 45s over the SA XD-45s, but prefer the XD-9mm-s over the Glock 9mm-s.

This is based on feel in the hand, comfort in shooting, reliability.

How do you compare your XDs and Glocks?
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My first gun was a HS2000 in the early 90s, that's what the XD was called before Springfield took over the importation duties. It was good for a first gun, had less recoil than my friend's G17, but I did get flyers, was not all that accurate. Functioning was perfect though, no problems at all. Cost me something like $265 back then (once SA took over importation it went up to the $400 range!). Also broke the ejector and the front sight, and had a couple of walking frame pins. Got fixed by the importer and I traded in afer about 2 years.
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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