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Shooting Intro

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I've got a friend and his wife here from Australia for a vacation. Today I'm taking them out to try shooting as gun ownership is very different in Oz than here.

My "Mate" is so excited... I've got some produce (pumpkins, and a watermelon) to exterminate and a variety of weapons for him to try.... It's gonna be a good day!
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Sounds like they will have a blast
Hopefully you can post pictures. Hope you guys had a great day.
Hopefully you can post pictures. Hope you guys had a great day.
No pics to post yet... but I think there are some good ones (they left for Aus tonite) but we had a great day! The weather wasn't perfect, nice temperature but a little too much wind which made my target stands play up, but we were able to sort that out and improvise. They were so limited in basic gun knowledge that it took a while to get them basic safe... a long while.

After "school" I got out my 1950's .22 pump action rifle, a J.C. Higgins model 33 from Sears Roebuck and Co, and let them fire a magazine each just to experience click, bang... well click, pop. They each liked that, but not real exciting stuff!

Next, "handgun school" followed by shooting my wife's Sig P226 in .22 LR. More exciting, louder and more difficult than the .22 rifle, and certainly more technically challenging with the extra mechanisms... stuff we mostly take for granted, but very new to my friends... "What's a hammer got to do with shooting Mate?" I really enjoy shooting the Sig and it is cheap to shoot and like all handguns for me, much more difficult to shoot anywhere near as accurate as a rifle, but .22 is .22 and while it goes bang (pretty loudly too) but there's no real adrenaline buzz much associated with .22LR... So, on to the G17.

"That's more like it Mate!" They combined to shoot several magazines with my gen 4, no malfuctions, as usual, and while Pete LOVED it, poor Helen was trembling after around 10 rounds... too much fun I think. By now we had been in the desert for almost 2 hours and they had a plane to catch but the pumpkin and watermelons were still "taunting" us... so out came the 30.06 and I set up a pumpkin @100 yards away. The "girls" decided the .06 was boys only so I went first and knocked the top off, then Pete put one dead center and "canoe'd" the pumpkin! Great shot for a rookie, but he admitted then that he had been sand bagging me, he grew up on a farm and "shot Roos a fair bit as a youngster"...

By now, time was short and we still had 2 watermelons so... out came the 12 gauge and some 00 Buck. I have shot shotguns at birds and some skeet, for a looooong time, since I was a boy. But I've never shot "00" before today, I bought some online and today was the perfect "test" I placed a watermelon on a stand, walked back @ 25 yards and VAPORISED it! None of us had seen anything like it, Pete laughed so hard I thought he was gonna choke! Nothing much left for the lizards even! WOW.... So, Pete's turn, put up another watermelon, gave Pete the 12 gauge and Boom! More watermelon spray... we all loved it. I retrieved what was left of the pumpkin, and blasted that with the shotgun, but it wasn't as spectacular as the watermelons... that was really something. If you haven't done it... Awesome!

I know this is a Glock forum and it would be nice if I could say the G17 was the highlight of the day, but while the Glock was fun, the "00" Buck was spectacular! I hope the pics are half as good as reality!
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Sounds like a real blast...

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