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hello there 2A sibs!!
I have a Shield 1.0 that was relegated to the safe when the Shield Plus came out which I have been carrying faithfully since I got it.
I'm asking for views what to do with it.l the 1.0.
One option is to trade it in for another S&W M&P Shield Plus OR Bug-Out 9mm 3.1" Barrel 10+1/13+1, end result will be 2 Shield Plus and 8 13 round mags and 2 10 round mags between them.
Another option is to trade it in for a Glock 26, end result is that it'll join the Glock 19 and 2 Glock 17 in the stable.
I just don't feel the relevance of the Shield 1.0 given that the Shield Plus has almost the same measurements, very close.
And yes I realize I will lose some money in the process.
And trade means I can otherwise sell it for a better return and use the proceeds to pursue either option.
Thank you all.
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