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I have had some pretty severe leading problems the last few times I cleaned my Glock 44. I have had to scrub and re-scrub to get it out and the last time I actually pushed out a piece of leading that was probably 1/8 inch across and 1/2 long.

I have only been having this problem since I bought some Remington Thunder Bolt ammo, so I'm suspecting it is a problem caused by that. I also noticed the last time I was shooting that I was getting some wildly off target impacts.

I use Ballistol to clean my gun and it usually leaves my barrel sparkling clean after a few swipes with a patch and maybe a little bit of scrubbing with a brass brush. But not this time, I probably ran over 20 patches through it and was still getting some dirty patches.

Does anyone have suggestions as what might be better at cleaning leading out of the barrel. Is Hoppes better than Ballistol for this or even just for general cleaning of my guns ?

Appreciate any comments or suggestions on this.

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