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Seeking expert comments on G22

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Hey all. Just ran across this:
>The early G22s were simply 9mm frames chambered in the new round, but when the >frame rail separation issue started to appear, in as little as 3000 rounds according to >some sources, Glock came out with a beefed up frame and has been selling them >ever since, including on the 9mm. If your frame has two pins above the trigger, you >have the new frame. Even most of the used, Police trade in Glocks on the market >were sent back to Glock to get the new frames (which is why many departments got >rid of them to begin with). If you don't have two pins, send it to Glock and they will >give you the new frame with the old serial number, probably gratis.

I don't know what pins this is referring to. Can anyone drop a pic or a link to a pic?

Thanks as always! GN
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This is the 2 pin frame. It has a single pin above the trigger and is the "weaker" of the Glock generations

This is the 3 pin frame. It has 2 pins above the trigger and is the one that Glock, according to your origional post, will replace the 2 pin frames with.

Now as for what you are claiming..That glock replaces the old 2 pins with 3 pins I dont think I have ever heard of that especially not for free...but I could be wrong
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Thanks Brian! I'm assuming from the photo that the replacement frame is a gen 3 frame...? Are the pins in question visable from the top with the slide removed? Any photos of these one or two pins avail?

Thanks to all!
Here is a picture of a Gen 2 G22 with the two pins over the trigger. When you open the attached you can see the pins better.

Sorry for the poor photo, had to use the cell phone.



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John, thanks! That's what I need to see. My G22 has the two pins.

Dang, I sure do like this board!!!
You are welcome, glad to help a little.

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