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School Board Shooting Video Panama City - Some Semi-Graphic Content

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This is the first part of the shooting at the School Board in Panama City. Amazingly, even at very close range, no one was injured except the guy that interrupted the meeting threatening to shoot the board members.

A retired Detective, working as the Safety Officer saved the people in that room. He is a hero.
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i watched the other video. it looks like the schoolboard members are talking about the nutjob's gun being loaded with blanks. none of them were shot. one even met the press afterwords. their reactions must have been from the psychological affect of believing they'd just been shot.

(and what's the deal with grandma making a play for the gun?
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That wasn't the other video I was referring to. They show him actually getting shot. It's like a Part 2 of the video I posted.

While I wasn't there, and have no official word, they interviewed each of the members today on Fox News. They were taken back into the room today befor the press conference and each of them discussed the bullets holes and how close they were to where they were sitting.
regardless, the gunman was the only one shot ;)

How many images you got stored up on your hard drive? Seems like you always find the perfect one...
lol thanks.

nothing on my hard drive. i have a couple on photobucket, but mostly i just do a quick google image search :)
1 - 4 of 22 Posts
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