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Rusty Ammo

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Ok, so I just bought my first box of Personal Defense Ammo (went to Walmart for the cheap stuff) while I researched what "good stuff" to buy online...

Opened the box to put a few rounds thru the gun, and noticed that over 50% of the rounds were rusted and corroded. Buddy tells me to contact Winchester via email and tell them and they'll send me a new box (walmart's policy is no returns)...

MY PROBLEM: I've searched and googled Winchester for over an hour... can't find an email!!! One phone number that doesn't get me anyone...

Does any one have CONTACT INFO for Winchester or suggestions how I can find it?? Thanks guys!
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thanks Keith... that's the number i tried today, and they said they were out till monday... i'll try them then! thanks!
Phone number they gave me for Winchester ammo: 800-356-2666 x3, x4 ask for Cheryl...
She said "no problem" and that she was sending me a UPS shipping slip for return to them, and that they would send me out a new box! This has taught me a lesson tho, to always open and look at the ammo before handing over the money. :)
Wow I always open it but only to make sure nothing is missing when I do buy factory ammo. Guess I will be looking for that too now
I always check my boxes. Never know what you mite end up with.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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