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Remington UMC 9mm Luger Mega Pack Good or Bad?

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I just got back from Bass Pro where I picked up two boxes of Remington UMC 9mm Luger Mega Pack for the next few times I go to the range. I have read a few bad reviews and seen some youtube videos. The bad reviews said that a few rounds were pushed too far into the casing and others said they had a lot of no fires. Both however gave a decent star rating of 3 of 5. Overall the Ammo has close to a five star rating. Some say the rounds where it is pushed too far into the casing will fire fine, other people say it could make your gun explode. What do you think?
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I've used this stuff for years, mainly because it's cheap and available, when Winchester is often not available at any price. The problem I've encountered with this ammunition is that it has a low Power Factor, and can present a variety of feeding malfunctions in pistols (such as early Glock Gen4 9mms) that have heavy recoil springs.

To repeat from other postings, Power Factor (PF) is the number you get when you multiply the bullet weight in grains times the muzzle velocity in feet per second, and then divide the product by 1,000. The PF for their two 9mm 115 grain loads and their 124-grain loads are all below 137, and in another thread we (at least I) came to the conclusion that new 9mm Glocks want a PF of at least 136 to function correctly. That is, before the new Recoil Spring Assembly came out and solved the problem, at least on the G17.

Here's the ballistics data from Remington for this ammunition:

Happily, my 9mm competition pistols are set up with light recoil springs, so I can use this ammunition without problem. It also works fine in the Gen4 G17 with the new "0 2 1" Recoil Spring Assembly.

I don't recall any misfires, duds, or other problems, so the quality has been OK, but I do take the time do dump out all new ammunition on the table and then rebox it, inspecting it as I put it back into the box.

I would use this ammunition for practice only, in a pistol that is set up to use "light" practice ammo. If your purposes are primarily carry or self-defense, I'd look for something with more power.

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