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Range Report - New AmeriGlo Sights and New G19!

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Went to Bill Jackson's shooting range to shoot my G17/4 with AmeriGlo Pro Operatpr sights for the first time today... took along my sight pusher and made a small adjustment while I was there.

My friend Mike loaned me a gun rest to stabilize my G17 while I tested the sight alignment. I'm not sure what the real name of this gun rest is, but it really held my G17 steady. I took a picture of it with my cell phone (see below).

The gun rest really stabilized my G17 and let me determine whether the rear sights were aligned correctly. The biggest advantage of the gun rest is that it neutralized all my bad shooting habits and let me focus on the real accuracy of the gun. Turns out my G17/4 is much more accurate than I am... :(

I like the Pro Operators and plan to shoot them a lot more. The tritium only rear sight might be better suited to outdoor shooting rather than a dimly lit indoor range. I had some trouble seeing the gaps between the sides of the front sight and the rear sight in the low light. I have poor near vision, so it is not the sight's problem.

My new G19/4 was a joy to shoot! The only thing I did to it was remove the slide and lubricate the trigger/connector area with a little Shooter's Choice... other than that, it was right out of the box...

I shot pretty good with the 19. I'm thinking about getting a set of the AmeriGlo Pro Series sights for it. I want to compare how I like the rear sights with and without the white circles around the tritium tubes... Fun day!
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