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I've been kicking around the idea of making my next Glock be in 357 Sig. My Nephew is Nashville PD and uses the Glock G22, I've had one, and really am not a huge fan of the 40cal. My last Glock was a G19 and I really did love the size of it for CCW and with proper ammo it'll work as well as anything else IMHO BUT if I got into another G19 then I'd be stuck with 9x19mm with no other options.
This is why I'm thinking about going with the G32, it'd be the same size as my G19 and with another barrel and magazines I can shoot 9x19mm and even get a 40cal barrel so I can have a common caliber with my Nephew and his dad(my brother) who has a G23.
I'm just kind of going back and forth between the G32 and G31. I know how the Compact will carry, it's a nice size but for those who use their G31's not only as a Duty sidearm but also for off duty carry is it fairly comfortable with a proper holster or would you rather have the smaller G32. Also, how much am I really going to give up in velocity and gain in muzzle flip/recovery time going with the smaller gun over the full size?
I appreciate any info you can give on the subject since I value your opinion since you use this gun day in and day out to serve and protect with. Thanks in advance.

Also, looking at this picture there doesn't seem to really be a huge difference between the grip length between the two, .46" from what the specs say.


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