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Post up any issues in here please

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If you're experiencing any issues that you think may be related to the domain name change please post them in here so that I can fix them for you... if you can't post, email me: [email protected]

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I noticed that the smiley icons you can use when creating a thread all showed as Red X's yesterday. I haven't noticed. Smileys in a thread reply worked fine.

I was curious as to why you chose to change the name from GlockForum to As __JB stated, it was clear what we were when it was GlockForum. Glock.Pro could be several different things. Just curious Rob. It's your forum so do as you wish!
I like shorter domains - if you type in it will point to the domain name, but I do know what you mean - I kept "Glock Forums" and "Glock Pro Forums" up as the two descriptions for the site.. since we're already at the top in google searches I hope it'll stay there.

That other glock 'talking' site is still at the topish ;)
Yeah but I spent several months trying to get registered on that site and once I finally was "allowed" to post, that site is so overwhelming I rarely visit. I'mnot bashing it but this is a much better site in my opinion for what I come here to do. Learn, read, and discuss.
Sounds good to me! I look forward to helping you grow the site.
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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