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Favorite JHP brand?

  • Federal HST

    Votes: 6 18.2%
  • Winchester Ranger-T or PDX1

    Votes: 8 24.2%
  • Speer Gold Dot

    Votes: 10 30.3%
  • Remington Golden Saber

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Corbon DPX

    Votes: 3 9.1%
  • Hornady Critical Defense

    Votes: 4 12.1%
  • Other--plz list

    Votes: 2 6.1%
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Now that I've had a chance to play with different calibers, I would have to ask ..."which?". Or is this a strictly generic question? For my G22, I'd have to say Winny bonded pdx1, 165 gn. For my 10mm (still haven't tried the Swampfox Don), Federal Premium Vital Shok Ammunition 180 grn. Haven't yet fiet any JHPs through my 9mm. For my 22wmr, have to say Winny Supreme - 34 grain JHP. I have observed that CCI 40 gn hollows do NOT expand at all passing clean through a phone book with ZERO expansion! Surprised the heck out of me to see that!!

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Day in the desert with balistic samples.

Target frame cost $.50. (Home Depot cut off wood)
Target frame stand $0.00 (PVC pipe from when I re-did the sprinklers)
Time to make 15 mins. Is reusable.

Stand is 1ea 1" X 4" ripped with table saw to make 2ea 1" X 3/4" legs and
2 rails to staple targets to.

Balistics test material (highly scientific, lol) 4ea 1 gallon milk jugs filled with water
and frozen.

Rounds tested into milk jugs
1. Remington Green and yellow box 155 gr JHP 40 cal S&W

2. Federal blue box 180 gr JHP 40 cal S&W

3. Winchester Bonded PDX1 165 gr JHP 40 cal S&W

4. Hornady 180 gr XTP JHP 40 cal S&W

Hornady and Winchester went totally through the jugs. No slugs found
Federal went half way through and went to pieces with inadequate expansion.
Remington faired the best IMO by fully expanding and stopping 1" from the backside.

The Remington round is the least expensive of the bunch, provided the best (visable) expansion,
and did not suffer from over penetration.

Distance from the target jugs was 15 yrds, aimed center mass
of the jugs while bench resting across a table to ensure best consistancy of center hits.

Photos are terrible, I know, cheap cam...

And no, the truck was not parked there during shooting...

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Nice test GN...

I've never heard of using frozen water jugs for a test before... Did you shoot any video?
Needed something that would stop the slugs (ice). I'd seen ice jug tests on youtube somewhere and they had success.
And still, two of the rounds went through and into the hillside. The federal rund that fragged was stuck in the ice...let it thaw
while shooting targets and got all the pieces.

For me, I really liked that the Remington round expanded and stopped. THATS my new inhouse round!!!

Nope, my cam is so poor... video on it is horrible! In fact, I WAS going to take the cam with me and get a couple pics of the
beautiful AZ desert flora to post...left it on the front table, had to take pics when I got back :-( Oh well, more in the future.

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Sent my results to my brother and my nephew (border patrol pilot) and have received comment back. Pasting below for additional perusal...

In the two rounds that did go completely through, (of course the cold plastic was shattered) the actual exit hole did NOT reveal adequate expansion which is probably why they went through. So my conclusion is based solely on not over penetrating, AND that it actually expanded as designed. One of the very common problems I read about, particularly with high price "fancy-smancy" ammo has to due specifically with not expanding properly. For example, the VERY pricey Corbon defense rounds are known for the core "plugging" with many materials (such as thick denim) and failing to expand! Basically, they become a ball round. This has been demonstrated many times with several layers of Levi type material over the front of real ballistic gelatin. Have provided data on this if you've interested. Both the Hornady and the Winchester PDX1 ammos are popular but also known to be subject to this condition depending on the material they're fired into.

Overall, I'm sold on the Remington round. It is also less expensive then the others!

Just since I'm on the subject, here are some great articles: gr Hydrashok-Failure to Expand.htm


That also has something to do with the lowest mass bullet. Also, though, we shouldn't conclude too much from how each round penetrates a block of ice (unless you're planning to shoot ice sculptures). One reason for over-penetration of the ice might that in some cases the ice fractured early in the penetration, resulting in little (or reduced) resistance from that point on.

The Remington are carried by many Federal Air trade off between knock down without excessive penetration...a good thing when shooting people in an airplane. Glad you like them!
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